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What We Do

We employ females from impoverished, rural, and forest-dependent village communities in Nepal to run plant nurseries, plant trees, and protect them to maturity. This involves 4 stages:


1. Setting up and running plant nurseries to grow seedlings/saplings

2. Clearing shrublands and preparing sites for plantation

3. Planting saplings

4. Protecting the saplings for 2 additional years by weeding out and guarding against encroachers, until they become self-sustaining juvenile trees

(majority of our resource is utilized in this stage to ensure the survival of the planted saplings)

Using tree-planting initiative as the backbone, we thus, create wage-based employment opportunities for females from low-income communities.

Village communities in Nepal are the target beneficiaries of our work. Immediate beneficiaries include female community members – through wage-based employment. Long-term beneficiaries include local communities as a whole – through self-sustaining, forest-based income generation and environmental restoration.

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