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8848 Trees starts Diyalo CF Project

8848 Trees has partnered with Diyalo Community Forest in Jhapa District, Nepal to plant 5,000 teak trees in 3 hectares of naked forest area as its first tree-planting project. The nursery set-up for the 2021 tree-planting season will begin in April 2021. Saplings grown in the nursery will be planted in July 2021. Planted saplings will be nurtured, protected, and guarded until the end of 2023. This will allow ample time for them to grow into juvenile trees capable of growing further on their own.

The 16 membered forest user group will select low-income females from the community and provide wage-based seasonal employment to execute the project. A community nursery that was abandoned due to a lack of resources, will be renovated to grow saplings for the project. Seeds will be collected from nearby forests.

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