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Our Projects

2021 Projects

During the 2021 plantation season - our 1st year of operation, we are operating projects at 2 community forests.

1. Diyalo Community Forest
Jhapa, Nepal

Diyalo Community Forest is located in Jhapa District which lies in the eastern plains of Nepal. Diyalo CF borders Jalthal forest which holds the highest biodiversity in Nepal. However, compared to the national average of 45%, Jhapa District has one of the lowest forest coverage at 11% of the total district area.

Diyalo CF has 275 hectares of designated forest with 20% naked area. 1,200 households, most of which are low-income minority communities, benefit from this community forest. The CF is managed by a user group of 17 committee members.

2. Belchauri Community Forest
Morang, Nepal

Belchauri Community Forest is located in the mid-hills region of Morang district which lies in eastern Nepal. Morang District has 24% forest coverage of the total district area.


Belchauri CF has 74 hectares of designated forest. Most of the 144 households which benefit from this CF are low-income families. The CF is managed by a user group of 11 members.

2022 Projects


During the 2022 plantation season, we plan to extend our work to other community forests within the existing Jhapa and Morang Districts. We also plan to expand our work to community forests in Bhojpur and Sunsari Districts.

Where We Work

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